Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life is funny.  When you think you are taking steps toward something, sometimes you want to run.  I always start projects with a vengeance.  Trouble is sometimes I fizzle out like that soda I left sit in the glass.  I have six (hmmm maybe seven) books started but not one completed.  I am trying to change this.  Today I am going to pick one of the books I have almost completed and put it on my desktop.  Then every day, I am going to spend at fifteen minutes or more writing the next few lines.  I also will take some time to go over page by page that I have written so far.   I promise myself that I will not move on to another book until this one is completely finished. 

As I read over what I wrote, I wonder if that is a good choice or not.  What if I get an idea for one of the other books?  Should I go to it and write the ideas down while they are fresh in my mind?  I wonder if it would be better to just get an amazing idea for one book and follow it through.  See how I am second guessing myself already. I think the fact that I wrote so many books (although unfinished) explains me as a person.  I love creating things which I did many years in crafts.  I hate doing anything more than once.  Once I create a project, I want to put it aside and go on to my next brainstorm.    

I had a trying day yesterday where I hit a pothole and ran into the curb and “broke” a tire yesterday which we are getting fixed today.  Since that happened on top of things, I spent some of my day in our bedroom crying much to my husband’s discomfort.  Then I got up and wrote a simple poem to help me through (which is what I do when things go wrong).   I will sign off with the poem I wrote yesterday.

Angelhuggz from me to you, Ruthie

Holding Jesus
            By Ruth Crowell Shevock

The faith of a child
Is good for the soul
When troubles spiral
Completely out of control
When the day is hard
And things go wrong
Sometimes it difficult
To be an adult and strong
Reverting to bed to
Like a lost and lonely child
Trying to remember times
When I lay there and smiled
All I could seem to do
Was turn and toss
Until I saw my rosary
And held onto the cross
I thought I’m holding Jesus
And He will help me through
In my heart I heard the words
Jesus is holding you

Monday, October 5, 2015

My name is Ruth Crowell Shevock and I think I am blogging.  What is a blog?  I have no clue.  Why start one at my age?  I really don't know.  Will anyone ever see this?  I am not sure. I am a 69 year old mother of 7, grandmother of 18, and great grandmother of 4 so far.  I believe that age is not a factor when trying something new.  I love my faith, family, to write, musicals and bingo.   My blog will have some of my writings but hopefully also be spiritual and maybe even some weight loss information. 

Taken from a poem I wrote a lot of years ago No Footprints by Ruth Crowell Shevock, my favorite saying is "When you see no footprints in the sand, remember God is still there holding your hand."   That is how I try to live my life.  Of course, I don't always succeed because let's face it, we all have our up and down days.  I thought I would share this poem on my first block since I think it defines me as a writer.

No Footprints
          by Ruth Crowell Shevock
I've listened to the "footprints" poem a million times or more
Of how when only one sets shows upon the sandy shore
It is the Lord carrying us and taking on our load
which is why only one set of footprints in the sand showed
but what if when we look there are no footprints to be found
all we see is plain and simple sand upon the ground
no imprints showing that our Lord is carrying us through life
Helping us when we feel we cannot handle all this strife
Where is my Lord now I've fallend and can't get back up
so tired and lonely trying to deal with my overflowing cup
Where are those footprints in the sand to tell me He's right there
Helping me with problems showing me that He really does care
Does He have favorites, Oh No, please tell me that's not so
But why does life seem easier for some people that I know
Sometimes I just scream out loud although it seems in vain
And often it gets harder each day to deal with all this pain
And then it dawned on me as I realized how simple it could be
I wonder why I was so blind that I honestly could not see
It must have been a lightning bolt that finally gave me light
Cause of of the clear blue sky, I finally regained my sight
I saw a fluffy white cloud shaped like an angel dear
That when I saw no footprints and so often wondered why
My Lord carried me on angel's wings, when He decided to fly

Until next time Angelhuggz from me to you.